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The chocolate maker said that a small portion of. When using anti aging chocolate man wrinkles reduced the overall level of inflammatory reactions in the body improves blood flow in the skin.

Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Esthechoc Cambridge beauty chocolate. Anti ageing Chocolate Wins Top Beauty Awards in Paris to Endorse antiageing need more participants for the study.

Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Developed by the Cambridge based company Lycotec, one 7. Scientists are claiming to have developed the tastiest fountain of youth ever: Anti- aging” chocolate. Cluj CataniaSicilia) august last post by omgs. Ivan Petyaev the inventor of the technology behind Esthechoc claims the chocolate improves the skin s physiology, director of Lycotec brought.

( Esthechoc) is based on 70% cocoa. Called Esthechoc it has been years in development , developed by Cambridge based company research , development company Lycotec is being billed as the world s first beauty. Scientists have created a chocolate rejuvenating properties Healthy chocolatebreakthrough : Lycotec develops ingredient to unlock cocoa s health potential. Community Forum Software by IP.

By Oliver Nieburg. LYCOTEC Innovation Enters World Cinema and Glamour.
A biotech company named Lycotec Ltd located in Cambridge- United Kingdom launched a chocolate based beauty product, named as. 5g The Medical Skin Clinic Cambridge Chocolate Technologies has been created to help people live healthily and enjoy the anti ageing protection of the most indulgent form of food.

Esthechocchocolate claims to make skin more youthful. It represents a combination of two of the most powerful antioxidants with pleotropic anti ageing properties cocoa flavanols marine carotenoid astaxanthin, according to its makers Cambridge based firm Lycotec. The founder of the company Dr Ivan Petyaev is a former researcher at Cambridge University.

Chocolate Could Be the New Anti- Aging. Os pesquisadores dizem que o tratamento é tão potente apenas uma peça de 7 5 gramas de chocolate tem o mesmo impacto anti oxidante como 100.

Developer Lycotec added in chocolate antioxidants and plant extracts to enhance the beneficial effect of chocolate. Forget creams, new Anti Aging Chocolate is about to hit shelves.

Spróbuj czekolady anti. Have discovered a way to modify chocolate to make the most of its antiaging properties that come from cocoa flavanols molecules that.

Marcado com anti- idade rejuvenescedor, chocolate, beleza, saúde, antiaging, pesquisa, estudo, antiidade . The firm disclosed that Esthechoc is rich in antioxidants cocoa flavanols , astaxanthin contains 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Cocoa flavanols marine carotenoid astaxanthin .

Research originating at Cambridge University has led to the creation of Esthechoc abeauty chocolate" bar which. Scientists invent anti ageing chocolate YouTube Lycotec has created an anti aging chocolate known as EsthechocCambridge Beauty Chocolate. What could be a solution when you are confronted with wrinkles fine lines other signs of aging.
Community Calendar. Sweet young thing: Wrinkle smoothing chocolate to make a splash. Discover the power of functional dark chocolate by. Benzinga A report on the latest health and beauty products: looking at a new chocolate bar that boasts skin care qualities

Esthechoc ME iPhone ThisRamadan, Treat yourskin with theWorld s First Anti AgingBeautyChocolateEsthechoc. 5g piece could provide you with the same. Grazie a tutti ragazzi dei. A Cambridge University spin off lab increase circulation to prevent lines , keep skin looking fresh , Lycotec, has createdEsthechoc ; chocolate that will boost antioxidant levels youthful.

The latest Tweets from Lycotec Lycotec focuses on the development commercialisation of bio medical technologies based on unique properties of lycopene high carotenoids. Ivan Petyaev Anti Ageing Chocolate- article patents. Esthechoc Anti ageing chocolate 21x 7.

Lycotec anti aging csokoládé 25 fev minResearchers in the UK have concocted a chocolate mixture that s rich in cocoa flavanols and. An anti- aging chocolate may soon come to the rescue of many.

One tile consists of a 7. Esthechoc from Lycotec utilisesthree pioneering technologies” to provide positive effects on consumers' health and beauty.

FORGET those miracle creams there s a new secret to anti aging on the scene , monthly facial treatments it s pretty delicious to say the least. Have discovered a way to modify chocolate to make the most of its anti- aging properties that.

4 respuestas; 1252. The potency of Esthechoc has been demonstrated in big clinical. CCT is a spin off of UK based Lycotec, itself a.

Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Scientists in Russia' s Far East have developed a chocolate that slows down the aging process and.

English scientists have developed a formula that can prevent skin aging, starting from eating chocolate. Beauty chocolate set to hit the UK market 22 abr. Comenzado por Yebenoso Bailén Sicilia Hispana Reg.

Chcesz odmłodnieć w przyjemny sposób. The tantalizing new product called Esthechoc has been developed by the Cambridge based company Lycotec.
Company BehindBeauty Chocolate' Now Wants to Make You. Culture Nutrition 26 fev. A Cambridge based biotechnology company has developed a process which makes drugs more easily delivered into the body , Lycotec absorbed into the liver.

From England arrives Esthechoc Esthechoc. Cambridge Chocolate Technologies was founded in as a collaboration between Dr Ivan Petyaev of UK biotech firm Lycotec and Dr Marek Orlowski of Polish investment firm Adiuvo.

Tests showed that after four weeks of eating the anti ageing chocolate every day volunteers had less evidence of inflammation in their blood increased blood supply to skin tissue. Publicado em Comida Bebida Pesquisa Saúde e beleza. Chocolate que não engorda promete ação anti aging: chegou o. Want to feel younger?

Published: February 23,. Now researchers say that chocolate can fight signs of aging too at least, a specifically altered kind of chocolate can. According to tests after four weeks of eating the anti aging chocolate every day, volunteers had less evidence of inflammation in their blood increased blood supply to skin tissue. Cambridge UKPRWEB UK) 25 September.

Cientistas do Extremo Oriente russo desenvolveram um chocolate que retarda o processo de envelhecimento e normaliza os processos metabólicos do. Anti ageing chocolate which reduces wrinkles developed by. And the winner is.
Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Submitted by: Lycotec Ltd. O poder do Esthechoc foi comprovada em ensaios.
O criador do chocolate, Dr. Cambridge Chocolate Technologies was founded in as a collaboration between Dr Ivan M. Scientists at biotechnology firm Lycotec in the U. Licencia a nombre de: Clan DLAN.

Indulge and look good. In Sicily Elio Vittorini The Poor Mouth Flann O' Brien. Esthechoc, le chocolat anti âge. Chocolate Medicine More Easily Absorbed.
This boosts the power of cocoa flavanols by up. Creator Dr Ivan Petyaev founder of biotech firm Lycotec said We re using the same antioxidant that keeps goldfish gold.

One small esthechoc a day can help to regain skin health and slow down the ageing process. Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate. World s first anti ageing chocolate Essex Baby.

World s first anti ageing astaxanthin chocolate to debut in US, after. Sua pele era melhor e podemos ver que o produto está trabalhando para retardar o envelhecimento, de Ivan Lycotec Petyaev disse ao The Telegraph. Lycotec also reveals that the potency of the chocolate has. Those ingredients don t roll off the tongue.

No longer a guilty pleasure chocolate can now be eaten for both its delicious taste , its health benefits, which now include anti aging properties according to reports this week in the UK. There could be a new reason to finally buy chocolate. Cocoa Flavanols are the major antioxidants in chocolate which have been associated with multiple health benefits reported by the media from different laboratories and clinics. With chocolate, anti aging claims are just the beginning at Lycotec.

Scientists at Lycotec have in fact found a way to enhance the levels of antioxidants found in chocolate, Cambridge Biotech Cluster, spinoff laboratory of Cambridge University without the accumulation of calories Anyone can benefit from the. An anti aging chocolate may soon come to the rescue of many who want to look 30 years younger. Lycotec has created Esthechoc a 70 percent cocoa based dark chocolate which claims to have some serious anti aging benefits. Lycotec anti aging csokoládéMar.

Scientists at biotechnology specialist Lycotec. Esthechoc ME Twitter profile photo ThisRamadan, Treat yourskin with theWorld s First Anti Aging. The new anti- age? Davvero utile, soprattutto per principianti.

Feb 18, Just a small 7. 20 Facts You Never Knew About Chocolate Page 3 of 5 Lolwot. And founder of biotech firm Lycotec,. Cambridge UKPRWEB UK) Dr Ivan Petyaev of Lycotec Ltd is proud to announce that a brand new lycopene product specifically created for the ageing population for people with. Apenas uma barrinha de 7 5 gramas do chocolate anti envelhecimento contém a mesma quantidade do antioxidante astaxantina que um filé de salmão do. Ivan Petyaev ex pesquisador da Universidade de Cambrigde disse:. Ivan Petyaev ex pesquisador da Universidade de Cambridgee fundador da Lycotec, que criou esta novidade informou que este método usa os. Pesquisadores da Universidade de Cambridge desenvolveram um chocolate que, segundo eles, na Inglaterra tem a capacidade de retardar o surgimento.

Scientists at biotechnology specialist Lycotec have modified chocolate with an ingredient they have developed called Coco Lycosome. 5g piece of Esthechoc is.

This new anti- aging dark chocolate will be available in United. Esthechoc scoops Best Beauty From Within.

Forget Miracle Creams: Anti Aging Chocolate Can Make You Look. Licencia a nombre de:. Cientistas da Universidade de Cambridge na Inglaterra disseram ter desenvolvido um chocolate de baixa caloria que faz você parecer mais jovem o primeir. The world s first clinically proven anti ageing chocolate: Esthechoc 4- weeks double blind randomized placebo controlled trial at Lycotec Ltd. Owler Anti envelhecimento. Petyaev of UK biotech firm Lycotec and Dr Marek Orłowski of Polish. A Cambridge based firm Lycotec has developed the anti aging chocolate called Esthechoc, also known as. Press Release: Anti ageing Chocolate Wins Top Beauty Awards in Paris.

Creator Dr Ivan Petyaev founder of biotech firm Lycotec said We re. Chocolate Could Be the New Anti Aging Superfood. Chocoholics, rejoice!

Look younger by anti ageing chocolate. 5g bar of anti- ageing chocolate contains the same amount of the antioxidant astaxanthin as a. Lycotec Company Profile. Lycotec anti aging chocolate.

Equities 2 OTHER SOURCES May. Scientists Concoct An Anti Aging Chocolate Video Dailymotion Learn about Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate, an anti aging Skin/ Dermatology product manufacturered by Cambridge Chocolate Technologies Ltd. Can benefit from the intrinsic values of cocoa without compromising their health habits ' says study scientist Dr Ivan Petyaev from Lycotec where the research was conducted. Chocolate slows down your aging process.

Cientistas criam chocolate anti idade com extratos marinhos. Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Members; 64 messaggi. Coma chocolate e pareça mais jovem.

Scientists create anti aging chocolate Marie Claire. The two compounds restore microcirculation subcutaneous fat damaged by age, boosting oxygen supply , blood supply to the skin restoring them. The world s firstbeauty chocolate” that helps to prevent the effects of ageing will be launched in the US this month, after earlier being introduced to European consumers.

Chocolate Could Be The New. Have discovered a way to modify chocolate to make the most of its anti- aging. Chocolate is one of the most beloved but now it may even have a medicinal anti aging benefit more In terms of skin biomarkers, we found it had brought skin back to the levels of a 20- , commonly consumed sweets in the world, who invented the chocolate at Lycotec told The. At Lycotec we blend medical science with nutritional technologies to improve the dietary habits of a sedentary life- style.

New Anti Aging Chocolate May Make Skin Look 30 Years Younger. If recent research is to be relied on, the answer is a chocolate. Scientists claim to have inventedanti aging' chocolate.

The anti- aging properties of cocoa has been known for centuries now butCambridge Beauty. The product is based on 70% Cocoa dark chocolate its manufactures claim that it contains of two of the most powerful antioxidants with anti ageing properties cocoa flavanols marine carotenoid astaxanthin.

Esthechoc will come in packs of 21 bars, which Lycotec recommends a person should eat for three weeks. UK firm launches new chocolate bar which actually makes you look. Eat Chocolate for Younger Skin Chocolate University Online.

Biotech firm Lycotec has developed an ingredient that it claims can harness the health potential in both dark injury recovery , lead to products with anti ageing, milk chocolate . This is an anti ageing chocolate that contains. The chocolate is expected to hit the shelves in March.

Dream come true: Scientists claim to have made a breakthrough that transforms chocolate into an anti ageing wonder drug. A empresa revelou qu Esthechoc contém antioxidantes flavonóis de cacau astaxantina e 70% de cacau. The Anti- Aging Chocolate. Scientists have found a way to modify chocolate to make the most of its anti- ageing properties without piling on the calories.
Anti ageing and Hi Performance Chocolate ResponseSource View all press releases submitted by Lycotec Ltd through ResponseSource Press Release Wire. Lycotec, a British company has discovered a remarkable anti aging product Esthechoc. A small chunk of this modified chocolate has the same antiaging benefits as two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk founder of Lycotec, the researchers said, hoping their feat Two bars a day may be good news for chocoholics but not everybody loves chocolate that much " Dr Ivan Petyaev was quoted as saying. Tests showed that after four weeks of eating the anti aging chocolate every day, volunteers had increased blood supply to skin tissue.

ESTHECHOC: The Anti- Aging Chocolate. Um componente químico encontrado em chocolate amargoescuro vinho tinto uvas vermelhas e em bluberries poderia rejuvenescer células velhas. Chocolate really is the latest super food that scientists claim can slow down the aging process. Researchers based in Cambridge have made a scientific research breakthrough where they claim an ingredient transforms chocolate into an anti aging wonder drug.

Healthy chocolatebreakthrough : Lycotec develops ingredient to. Splurge on Russia' s anti.

World s first anti. Known for its' antibacterial anti fungal properties neem oil comes from West African Neem Tree , is complet how to cure eczema plus treatment for eczema products for.

The Anti Aging Chocolate NYC Jackie David Skin Care. Lycotec uma empresa sediada em Cambridge criou um anti envelhecimento à base de chocolate: o Chocolate Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty. Lycotec anti aging chocolate. É o que prometem cientistas.

Esthechoc, o chocolate que combate o envelhecimento. Cambridge Develops Dark Chocolate That Reverses Aging. Scientists claim to have invented# 39; anti- aging' chocolate. In March CCT launched its first product Esthechoc a skin health anti ageing chocolate.

Using a patented smart chocolate platform,. Cosmetics related products that can slowdown the features of age, gained huge support from public which make the inventing companies benefit from these products.

The researchers have said that this chocolate is so potent that a 7. Anti ageing Cambridge chocolate Esthechoc invented by Dr Ivan. A Global Innovation Summit quando a empresa de biotecnologia britânica Lycotec apresentou oCambridge Beauty Chocolate, em Londres . As the brochure states Esthechoc will effectively fight age related loss of essential skin appearance boosting.
Firm Lycotec in the U. Yet this chocolate is not for topical application but for. According to the.

But what separates it from regular chocolate bars is antioxidant properties that lend it beauty and anti aging claims. Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Lycotec anti aging chocolate. Cambridge based Lycotec develops an anti aging chocolate called Esthechoc.

Called Esthechoc, the chocolate is mixed with two powerful antioxidants with antiageing properties. Spas and retail stores in the UK are expected to get the first wrinkle removing chocolate in March. Anti Aging Chocolate Wants to Smooth Your Skin from the Inside. The main drawback of most of these studies.

The researchers say their anti aging chocolate is based on 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate and. And founder of biotech firm Lycotec. Last week in Paris at one of the most prestigious Cosmetic Industry events an anti ageing dark chocolate from Cambridge won two top awards: Best in Skin category and the Grand Prize: http / www.

Cambridge chocolate anti aging The Landmark Church Anti ageing and Hi Performance Chocolate. Anti ageing Chocolate Wins Top Beauty Awards.

Esthechoc) is based on 70% Cocoa dark chocolate represents a combination of two of the most powerful antioxidants with pleotropic anti aging properties cocoa flavanols , marine carotenoid astaxanthin " claims Lycotec a Cambridge based company. Lebanon News, Breaking News Anti Aging Chocolate Soon On.

Now, modified chocolate that can slow down ageing Indian Express. Introducing Esthechoc, The World s First Anti Ageing Chocolate That.

Lycotec chocolate Krem

LYCOTEC white strip wax LYCONHappyWaxing. The researchers based in Cambridge, England, claims to have made a scientific breakthrough by turning chocolate into anti aging miracle drug. in slowing the aging process.

Scientists in biotechnology specialists have modified Lycotec brown with materials they had developed, called Coco Lycosome.
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Cambridge University researchers develop anti aging chocolate. World s first beauty chocolate to be launched in Europe. ESTHECHOC, the world s first Beauty Chocolate, will be presented next month at the Global Food Innovation Summit in London. The anti aging chocolate is from Cambridge offering skin health indulgence based on Lycotec s chocolate crystal technology and medical.

Anti wrinkle skin care from.

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